The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Thanksgiving was very nice. It was a scramble to finish getting the house clean for my SIL's family, but the kids helped and we made it (-ish. I was in a towel and cleaning the master bathroom when the doorbell rang). HalfshellHusband was able to come out and visit periodically, in between bouts of bedrest, and everyone enjoyed the dinner and the company a lot. Our only snafu happened when we were setting the table, and I noticed that our china plates had some sort of residue on them and smelled funny. Lemony. HalfshellHusband had gotten Lauren to dust the china a few days earlier, but it never occurred to him to mention that furniture polish should not be involved. I had to rewash all the dishes before we could use them. :O

The rest of the weekend was busy. I took Lauren to the mall (!!!) on Black Friday because she needed winter clothes. It was not as awful as I expected, but still not good. The next few days involved cleaning up after Thanksgiving, organizing, driving the kids around, and lots of yardwork. Saturday, a notice from the IRS arrived. Really-- it feels like I can never get out from under anything. A new piece of grief arrives and just falls on top of the pile!

For your amusement, I offer two Blue Pueblo pictures on the theme of "What has been seen cannot be unseen." I know what was intended in both cases, but look at the results: Squid House, and Doofus Roof with too many eyes. Seriously!

I've been creeping along on my Yuletide fic (which really doesn't want to catch fire), and all those amazing prompts/etc. I saved up for November have led exactly nowhere! Too much stress and falling asleep at the keyboard. :(

I hope to have my holiday Wish List posted up this week, but I struggle with finding 10 things I want (especially when some of the wishes I see are from people who are just buried in financial trouble. All of my wants are so trivial. Well, the ones that don't involve fantasies of lottery-winnings and such that will never happen). Got your list posted up? Link me to it!

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