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I'd like to sic this Donald icon back on the Ducks, after Saturday's enormous, deadly loss to Stanford. Or rather, on Chip Kelly, who lost a BCS Bowl and a Rose Bowl the same way as this game. When the offense shuts down your running game, you must adapt. You cannot remain entrenched in your losing strategy. /o\

To cheer up myself and you, I offer this, hoping that someone besides me will be the first to post some wishes. You know you want to!

Plus, these neat pictures from Blue Pueblo: Stencil-Scroll Entryway (the painting on the far wall echoes the metalwork), and Musical Ski Lift (I can't tell you how much I love that whole idea. I would marry it!)

HalfshellHusband is seeing improvement in mobility, but still spends a lot of boring time alone in the bedroom. The chores are eating me alive, not to mention the "spend money" decisions I can't ever seem to close: Xmas PC for Lauren (a huge gift, more than we ever spend), kitchen flooring replacement (which requires either different flooring or that we buy a new fridge), stupid new wireless router (attempts to replace have failed twice, and Amazon is stiffing me for the last router), and a new fence for the bulk of the yard. Gah. I can't seem to make headway on any of those. First-world problems, definitely, but they'd all hurt individually and when they happen all at once? /o\ again...

So... how many of you Americans f-listers are traveling this week? And how many of you will be hosting Thanksgiving? (those of you going across town to a relative's house-- that's the way to celebrate! Low-effort, how I love it!)

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