The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors


Wow, I meant to post something around last Wednesday, but got totally overwhelmed.

First, regarding the elections: Mwah-ha-ha-ha-BOO-yah! \o/ *ahem*

I was under deadline to write a White Collar story that night, and then respond to comments, so I didn't get around to that, but I was so relieved by the outcome of the election. *happy sigh*

As to the White Collar story, my penchant for detail will kill me yet. I spent valuable time researching the appropriateness of the 42nd Street Theater (no—it's a megalopolis, so changed it to the Angelika), gin rummy (2 players only, changed to canasta), and an appropriate gluten-free flour for baking. However, when other people use things I know to be wrong, I find it jarring, so I don't want to be that person. o_O

The rest of the week was a race to get things done before HalfshellHusband's surgery, the surgery itself, weekend kid things and winterizing the yard, replacing the watch killed by the shift to standard time, bringing HSH home, and ferrying the kids around in his place. Plus work. :0

The good news it that HSH's surgery seems to have gone well, and although there are moments of awfulness, I think his pain level is already better than when the arthritic bone was there. Now it's just a matter of keeping him from falling on the hip, and doing rehab properly. This is harder than it sounds, since he keeps trying to ditch the walker and freewheel around the house. :(

In in writing news, I just finished a story for writerverse before the Saturday deadline, and wrote 3 Tweetfics yesterday for another challenge. Need to get cracking on my Yuletide story, now. And persuade more people to read my Justified Zombie fic (which is looking like a pipe dream). I've been reading your posts, if not your fics, so mostly lurking but not fully absentee. It just looked that way. :)

Tags: hsh, me, political wonky-tonk

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