The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Quick detour while I wait for story inspiration to arrive...

Still cranking away on the 5K Zombies thing. SO slow. I think this wanted to be about a 2-3K story, but I am committed to making that minimum word count! I haven't written a story this long in a couple of years...

So, SPN... still haven't made it past 7x03, so obviously I'm not up on S8. I keep imagining I'll watch it someday, but I haven't liked the story arc in years, so that seems unlikely. Watched L&O: SVU, which is still suffering from its casting choices. Thought there was hope tonight, but my doubts returned by the end of the episode. :(

We're mainlining S7 of The Closer via Netflix. Last week, there was an episode with Fred Willard as a drunk Santa. That plays to all his strengths! I rewatched all his scenes a second time, remembered that he was the only good part of Kelsey Grammar's 1-year Back To You TV series, and thought about whether Hulu might have the show so I can rewatch all of Willard's work in THAT. \o/

In RL news, HalfshellHusband arranged for Christopher to meet a Cal Berkeley astrophysics professor last week. Christopher has become a fanboy, after watching the guy on The Universe, and they went to a lecture last Friday and met with the guy for a little bit before and after. This is now Christopher's current career goal (his sister is planning to be an FBI Criminal Profiler, after last year's lawyer plan and the previous year's architect plan...)

That would actually be a good field for him, given his aptitude in math and science, and he'd never be bored. But first, he has to get past this year's science teacher—who just marked a test answer as "wrong" because Christopher gave a more complete answer than the teacher was looking for. Yeah. One of my least favorite traits in teachers. It's going to be a long year with that guy, I can tell.

All right, back to the salt mines armies of the undead...

Tags: my_kids, random, tv
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