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50-word stories

Got a little busy yesterday, and ventured into some new fandom territories. I love the fixed-word challenges—those almost always pull me in. Six words, 42 words, 100-word drabbles, and 50 words was a new one. Fics under the cuts.

Bereft (Terminator, John Connor, lose the battle, win the war.)
The future-John would have expected this. He always made the hard choices.

Cameron is gone, incinerated by the blast that should have killed him. Victory is only days away, but does it matter?

She was both companion and protector, and John never imagined he'd have to finish this war alone.

Smallville, Clark/Lex
Unrequited (Any, any, 'I love you. One day, I’ll let you kill me.')
We were friends, once. I would've done anything for you, even transformed myself to be the man you admired.

But you lost faith before I'd hardly begun. As your nemesis, I ensure you won't forget me.

Someday, you'll see our history reflected in my eyes as I let you win.

Silence Of The Lambs:
Dr. Lecter (Any, any, 'The most dangerous man is he who does not appear dangerous')
His face is ordinary, but his voice is almost hypnotic. It helps his patients unburden themselves, sharing their terrors and secrets in his private office.

He knows which patients have no friends or family to miss them when they are gone.

How will they taste? Eventually, he'll know that too.

Chuck (Bryce/Chuck)
Bedroom Athletics
"How come we're staying? I thought you liked football," Chuck said.

"I do," Bryce answered. "And so does everyone else. Now, they're gone."

He pulled Chuck into his bedroom and locked the door.

"If they find out, they'll kill us," Chuck said.

Bryce unzipped his pants. "So don't tell them..."

Tags: chuck, my_fic, random-fandom, terminator:scc

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