The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Happy Birthday pixiebell and drjeff!

Pixie's on vacation, and Dr. Jeff is in the throes of work and book-writing, but on the rare chance either of them sees this: hope you're having a great day! Many happy returns!

So, another weekend gone and not enough accomplished in chores OR relaxation. Plus, my parents are coming next weekend, which is both good and also makes me tired already.

But today, I'm just glad I don't have the thankless job of the local IT people at my office:

Corporate IT: You should upgrade to Thing 2.0. Blah-blah better features, more consistency blah.
Local IT guys: Oh, all right...
Upgraded Thing 2.0: Hi! I'm evil!
Local IT guys: Crap! :(

So, yeah. There will be a downgrade of the upgraded thing later today. /0\

TV news: Am I behind on Leverage? Has it been running all this summer? Gah!

Movie news: Saw The Dark Knight Rises. Good. Lonnng. Anne Hathaway was great, Michael Caine made me cry. HalfshellHusband was convinced Sean Connery was doing a voiceover for Bain, but I said (because this is totally my evil sense of humor), "With a voice modulator, any daycent Scot kin shaownd lake Sean Connery. Ah'm dewin it rate naow!" The actor wasn't even Scottish, so I don't know what that accent was about. But no complaints, regardless.

Fic news: Busy on Justified things, deadlines still decently (deniably) far away... \o?

Tags: humor, me, movies, tv

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