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First, before the listing possibly gets taken down, let me pass along this hilarious Wil Wheaton description of a dented golf ball he is auctioning off for charity (thanks to certainthings for first linking that). The detour into professional juggling is as priceless as the blatant discouragement from actually buying his worthless offering.

What happened to Grimm on Monday? We were all set to watch it, and instead ran into Ryan Murphy's "groundbreaking" sitcom featuring stereotypical gay men (a show based on a setup that has been a subplot on Modern Family for years now). Whee. Was Grimm pre-empted in all markets, or did we hit a local snafu?

Our weekend... *sigh*. HalfshellHusband and I were supposed to have a movie date on Saturday (for the first time in months), and I wound up taking him to the E.R. instead. Sudden, severe fever and chills and major disorientation. Seemed to be a very serious UTI that had ratcheted up out of nowhere. They gave him heavy antibiotics, and sent him home later that night with followup pills. They weren't quite strong enough, so his GP doubled the dose on Monday. The urine culture showed E-Coli, which explains why HSH got so sick. But we are baffled as to how that became a UTI, or where the exposure came from. :0

Fortunately, he's feeling much better now, and the pain from the hip surgery has dropped off enough that he can get around the house without his cane. Makes us worry about the recovery from the real surgery (now scheduled for Nov. 10), but it may be no worse. They'll be removing that arthritic bone/joint, which is the major source of his pain.

Finished watching Catch Me If You Can last night, which appears to have been the basis for White Collar. Hey, at least the accents on the TV show don't break your years. Ouch!

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