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If you can see this...

The RSS-feed ordering always differs from what's at the site, so I never know how to capture some of the gorgeous stuff over at the Blue Pueblo tumblr. But tell me what you see here. Is it an incredible thunderhead cloud over mountains? That picture really caught my eye today, among so many other incredible photos. Who would ever have thought that Croatia or Slovenia would be so beautiful? And if you need further pimping, well... syndicated feeds are available here on LJ at bluepueblo_tmbr.

Another quick offering, for political junkies: Clinton's Democratic National Congress Speech broken down by scripted vs. ad-libbed. Some of the added material was stuff other people edited out that he still wanted in. But much of it was to make the speech less dry, and more persuasive and responsive. He didn't add a lot of clever language, for the most part-- he added colloquialisms, or broke up sentences in different places to increase their impact. What's most fascinating is that he did it on the fly, and probably could have scripted those changes... but instead made them in response to the moment and how well they worked with the audience. I suspect that at least 50% of that is an intuitive process for Clinton that even he might not be able to explain, but it's all the more impressive for how well he pulls that off. It's a gift.

Obama's speech rocked the house too, I thought. He actually listed his first-term accomplishments, which people needed to be reminded of (his humility works against him, there), and made it very clear what people would be choosing with their votes this election and how that would affect them, their children, and future generations. It was a really welcome contrast to the "$$-$$-$$-for the rich" tone of the GOP economic platform, and I appreciate (as a fellow citizen) his willingness to remind us all that we are a society, and that we are responsible for each other as well as ourselves. Selfish politics are destroying our economy and its future, and I could not be more sick of it. Only Obama could stress hard work and responsibility and make it inspiring, and yet he does!

All right, off to bed. Those freaky dreams won't invent themselves without me!

Tags: pimpage, political wonky-tonk

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