The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Hell continues...

The industrial fans are STILL going in the kitchen, over a week later. I spent the 3-day weekend doing (yes) hours of outside chores, being housebound (HalfshellHusband was hurting too much to even go to a movie), getting crabbier by the minute, and hating our kitchen. That room is a sweltering windtunnel, and nobody wants to go in there. The floor people are moving the fridge out today and lifting the subfloor, to dry it directly. There's no room for that fridge other than where it is!! :( :( :(

I was too distracted to remember my goal to write Prison Break stories for the 7th-Anniversary celebration, hence yesterday's late offering. I did work on my Justified remix a bit, but mostly just intro.

Last night, I dreamed of Jensen (twink-Jensen), which was nice. I'm not watching SPN anymore, so I'm missing out on the prettiness. Later, some cartoon penguins (ala Badtz Maru) showed up, and my Dad brought home all the wrong takeout from some restaurant I loved. Can't remember the name I assigned to the soup I wanted (some mythical thing flavored like Thai Red Curry), but what came home tasted like a vinegar-based sauce HSH makes that I'm not overly fond of. It's even less appealing as soup. :0

Yesterday, my daughter came to say goodnight and wanted to know why I was looking at pictures of snakes on the Internet. (She has issues with snakes, so this was extra-bizarre to her). It all relates to cycling: I passed a dead baby snake on a ride yesterday (black with yellow bands), and some almost paisley-patterned thing on the bike path on Sunday. The baby snake was apparently one of MANY dissimilar things called a California King Snake, and the other one... probably this. :0 Your average California rattlesnake looks like oatmeal, so I was surprised that there were some with discernible patterns. I never personally saw a rattler in Oregon (they're rare West of the Cascades), but at least some of them are more distinctive than "oatmeal."

And for new people who have friended me, Hi! Yes, I tend Google random information a lot. Just this week, I've also looked up When We Was Fab, to see why it sounded like an amalgam of The Beatles and ELO (Jeff Lynne was involved, that's why), and what the heck hotdish was and whether it was indeed some kind of starchy casserole (yes. And, "Ugh").

The Internet is a godsend to curious people like me, especially if they want the answers to random questions right now. ;)

Tags: cycling, me, music, weird dreams fall out of my head
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