The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

In Hell's Kitchen...

Ugh. Remember our suicidal refrigerator, where the freezer side flooded the kitchen while we were on vacation in Oregon? We finally filed a floor damage claim with the insurance company (buckled linoleum and pockets of watery mystery! Yay). Now the lineoleum is gone, and we're left with stained paper, the subfloor, and a kitchen full of industrial fans heating up the place and creating a localized hurricane.

The curse of the sensitive nose: the smell is what's really disturbing. It's better now, but I talked to one of the floor guys yesterday. "Does it really smell like mildew to you, and not just dampness?" "How does it NOT smell like mildew to you?!?" Seriously-- that acrid undertone you get with mildew is really distinctive. Well, they left the fans here a few days longer. Ulllhhhh...

I posted up a late Idol Home Game entry earlier this week, finally, though the writing as a whole is running around the yard hiding behind bushes and trying to avoid me. Get back here! There are prompt tables to fill out, and fanfic to write. Get back in this house brain this instant!

I forgot to mention that we watched Tin Man with the kids a few weeks back. Really creative AU of "The Wizard of Oz." On rewatching it, I still think the Askedelia actress was cast entirely for her rack (but now also think that Zooey Deschanel has done better work). I also see how people got the slash vibe from Cain and Glitch. How did I miss that before? :0

HalfshellHusband and I watched The Road last weekend, to the bitter end. Why would anyone make a movie of that? It's relentlessly bleak and depressing (no spoilers there), and visually, it's all in sepia tones of endless rainy skies and mud. Some great performances and actors, and I can see why the book might be interesting, but as a movie... the story defeats that particular medium.

On a fun note, I've introduced the kids to Better Off Ted. I wish that show had lasted longer than two seasons. I also wish they'd release the second-season DVD! How hard could it be?!? But still, good times. Weaponized pumpkins, spider-chicken, coffee-creamer theft, corporate abuse of employees... you can't go wrong there. ;)

So, 3-day weekend, finally! I'm hoping to clean up some clutter, especially before soccer season ramps up next weekend. Please keep me from blowing all my time in the yard...

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