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30 August 2012 @ 05:39 pm
Real LJ Idol Season 8 Stories  
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Non-Fiction Entries

Week Prompt Story
1 When you pray, move your feet Only The Light Of The Sun
5 Inconceivable Infinity
6* Food memory A Kingdom Of Forest Or Field
8 A traveling travesty Sleigh Bells, Schmay Bells
9 Counter-intuitive Magnetic South
17 Bringing a knife to a gunfight Radio Days
22 The straw that stirs the drink 'Til There Was You
24 In your wheelhouse Tales From The Pit
29* Disappear Secrets
30, #1 Scared money never wins The Business Of Managing Toward Failure
30, #4 Closer Regrets
30, #6 Vacation All That Is Left Undone
32 Open topic In Some Distant When
34, #1 Barefoot, uphill, both ways Tall Tales

Original Fiction Entries

Week Prompt Story
2* Three little words You Are Here
4 What does narcissism have to do with me? But Enough About You...
7 Bupkis Like I Was Sayin'
10 Sticks and stones Bitter Bargains Against Time
11 Open Topic The Grace In Letting Go
12* Some Assembly Required The K-Tel Wordmaster
14 Twitterpated In The Clouds
15 Preoccupied Vigilance
16* Reinventing The Wheel Another Ride On The Merry-Go-Round
18 Take inspiration from a current LJ Idoler. The Happiest Place On Earth
19 Et tu, Brute? Brutus
20* Open Topic Time It Was, And What A Time It Was
21 Bridge Clarity
23* The weak force Kickin' It, Particle Style
24 In Your Wheelhouse Different Destinations (Home Game entry)
25 Cesspool To Avoid Sinking
26* Sated Science And Technology Elimination Department
27 Once upon a time... A Tale Of Amphibian Ambition
28* Walking on eggshells Don't Think, Don't Breathe
29 Appropriation Thief Of Hearts (Home Game entry)
30, #2 Leviathan Strange Waters
30, #3 Appropriation Going Backwards (S.A.T.E.D. 2)
30, #5 Gobsmacked In The Dark
31* Polemic Thar He Blows!
33, #1 Ensemble Committee for Reworking Artistic Potential (C.R.A.P.)
33, #2 The call that never came Waiting (S.A.T.E.D. 3)
34, #2 Auguries Doomsayer
34, #3 Previous topic (Sticks and stones) Rumors, Secrets, And Lies (S.A.T.E.D. 4)
35* Sins of omission Celares
38 Open topic Adrift (Home Game entry)

My own favorites among these are marked with '*'. For the original fiction, that tends to be either drama or crack, because I'm extreme like that. :D