The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

The weekend that was...

I lost all of Saturday to Christopher's birthday party, particularly because HalfshellHusband couldn't help much (his hip is still killing him). Christopher settled on an Alien Invasion cake, using one of his previously untapped LEGO sets:

Christopher 2012-- Space Alien Cake

I should have put the imprisoned cow on the other side of the businessman, because you can't really see him OR his briefcase in that picture (yes, he comes with one of the sets). That runaway farmer won't get far...

Sunday I ran, did 2 hours of yardwork, went grocery-shopping (usually HSH's chore), and suddenly it was 5:00 and my back hurt and I was falling asleep sitting up. Rested for half an hour and then made dinner (HSH also usually does this). I tell you, the month after his major hip surgery is going to be hard! I expect to be exhausted and half-evil, much of the time. :(

We watched episodes 1 and 2 of this season's Grimm. First, "booo" to the new credits. The minimalist approach was much better! Also, and this could just be me talking, the creators seem to be going more for the action-show genre than the previous season's quirky semi-drama genre, which is disappointing. Less kick-boxing and more Haywire/Monroe! Seriously, he's the main reason I tune into the show. He's been pushed too far off to the sidelines. :(

Started this season of White Collar (only 2 eps in), and we're getting caught up with Burn Notice too. Not that excited about most of the other network shows returning, other than Community and Fringe. We've bailed on a few we used to watch, and lost others (like House! Boy, I'll miss that show).

Also watched Frozen River, which didn't do much for either of us, and our Netflix Shaun The Sheep offering was awfully short-- 40 minutes at most. Woe...

Today's Christopher's actual birthday, so we'll be having salmon for dinner followed by a LEGO explosion of presents. Then next weekend, it's the soccer seeding tournament, all day on Saturday. Please, let it not be over 90o!

Tags: cakes, movies, my_kids, tv
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