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Still catching up on life...

My daughter's birthday was yesterday. Fifteen already! She's such an amazing girl, and I'm thrilled with who she's become (though I miss the younger versions of her very much). When I realize that she'll be off at college in just 3 years, I start to feel something like panic. Things are never the same once they leave home, and I'm dreading it already.

HalfshellHusband is still recovering from his surgery, which has hurt a lot more in recent days. He's got swelling and pain below the knee again, too, which always makes everyone nervous (that's where his tumor was, and even though he's been cancer-free for two years, you never really stop worrying). This trial run for his major hip surgery (November-ish) shows us that the kids need to do a LOT more helping out. And he needs to do a lot less, regardless of the temptation to be more able-bodied.

Our current climate in Sacramento sux mightily: 100o+ weather, and various fires kicked up on Monday night, so it's hot and the air is smoggy and filthy. I'm hoping the air will be cleaner tomorrow so I can bike then. We might get a light breeze, which would help. I really hate these long blocks of blast-furnace heat, though. This is why I like to be on vacation in Oregon during August!!! But with the kids' school starting tomorrow, no way. Hrmph.

So, still enjoying the summer in your area? I'll say this, it's definitely pool weather here. At these temps, I can't clean up the yard NEAR the pool worth beans, but the pool itself is glorious...

Tags: hsh, me, my_kids

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