The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Under the rug...

I requested a hc_bingo card a few months ago, and I'm just now backposting it. Hoping to do a little fanfic writing again, now that I have some time and mental bandwidth.

One of those things will be the nvrleaveharlan Hillbilly Remix Challenge for Justified fanfic. This is only my second Remix ever, and the first didn't go so well, but I'm game to try again!

HalfshellHusband's surgery went well (the metal plate/screw removal and exploratory pass). His surgeon tried out some new tools and techniques to accomodate the stiff muscles, and got good results, so that's promising. The hospital released HSH rather than making him stay overnight, so he'll get some beter sleep despite the pain.

We have a stockpile of library DVDs to watch, though our living room machine has been committing slow suicide for months. Finished Donnie Darko a few nights ago (dark, unusual, and haunting, but you can't not watch). On the reading front, I completed my books-with-due-dates stash and started in on a Read And Return book: An Arsonist's Guide To Writers' Homes In New England. Christopher already borrowed it and read it out from under me in one day. :0

Olympics coverage on NBC is hit or miss, as always. Too.Much.Beach.Volleyball!!! And in general, more actual events and fewer qualifying heats, please. The first week was full of endless flagellation over Michael Phelps' initial disappointment and Jordyn Wieber not making the all-around gymnastics team. NBC relegated both athletes to Loserpants Village, until Phelps dug his way out and the rest of the Women's Gymnastic team shone despite Wieber's absence. I also really dislike the camera closeup harassment of athletes in moments like the aftermath of being tripped and falling out of a medal race, or punishing failure in one of the gymnastics rounds. Have some respect for the athletes as people!

Randomly, I don't know why white-water kayaking or BMX biking are Olympic events now. Anything that requires that much of a specialized, artificial arena is a nogo, in my book. I don't really think Equestrian events belong either, unless we're talking Horse Olympics. And why is Ribbon Rhythm Gymnastics still around? Or Badminton? HSH wants to be on the committee to eliminate sports from the Olympics, and I do understand the temptation!

I've got some more LJ Idol stories to read, so that's it for now. Bis später!

Tags: books, movies, tv
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