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27 June 2012 @ 11:50 pm
Two days in a row-- shocking!  
I listened to the soundtrack for Mishima at work today. The music makes me want to Code and Test All The Things. \o/ (As opposed to Machines of Loving Grace, where I'd better just stick to Testing.) :0 Phillip Glass is not my favorite composer (I'm not a big fan of minimalism), but the smaller form of short (2-5 minute) pieces somehow ignited pure genius from him. The soundtrack has a great combination of strings, bells, gongs, synthesizer, and tympani-as-taiko-drum. One of the few cases where I like all the music for a given movie.

SO... hoping not to get voted out of LJ Idol this week. We're losing the bottom 4, and I'm close to being one of them! *bites nails* See my story on this post, with a link to the list of all entries and the poll.

I'm also preparing to go out of town this weekend, to visit my sister in Idaho (mentioned in an LJ Idol story a few weeks back). My B-I-L will be there for his bi-monthly visit, and will help guide things along. No idea how that will go, but I would certainly regret not doing it.

Meanwhile, I'm behind in reading my f-list, and behind in reading, period. I've got three books going, one almost finished, the second going slower than I'd like, and the third... might get abandoned. I hate to admit this, but bedtime reading is getting more challenging now that I need glasses for anything below medium-sized print. Since it's a fall-asleep activity, I also need books small enough that I can see all of both pages at once. Let's not get into how the NY Times crossword is going. I probably need an eye exam, since it's been years. I know I'm not going to like the result. :0

Tomorrow: more Mishima, checking in bunches of code (please), starting new code, and finishing All The Documents. *hopes*

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similiesslipsimiliesslip on June 28th, 2012 12:59 pm (UTC)
What are you reading?:)

Someday maybe you can get a Kindle. I've heard you can adjust the size of the print on a Kindle. Just an idea...

I'm glad you have some music you enjoy:)
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors: Bookshalfshellvenus on June 28th, 2012 05:35 pm (UTC)
I just finished "Soft Apocalypse," which was really interesting. Kind of comes off as YA novel, because the main character seems in a state of (harmless) suspended adolescence, but it's about the U.S. after an apocalypse that mostly affected everyone but the wealthy (viruses, homelessness, persecution result) and how half of the problem of survival is other people. Whether the wealthy sic the police on you, or it's other disenfranchised people who have banded to become lethal gangsters, the characters spend much of their time trying to avoid death or ruin at the hands of other people. The idea is both frustrating and not unrealistic, and it's written well.

I'm trying to finish "Blue Shoes and Happiness" (one of the No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency novels). That's a small-print-at-bedtime issue. Lovely book-- parts of it are making me cry, because there is such understanding of the different (if ordinary) struggles people can go through.

And I'm probably going to bail on the sequel to "The Steel Remains." It's long, the print is tiny, and the main characters are somewhat unlikeable, so that's always a challenge. It's kind of a Swordsmen and Battles book, where the main character is gay (unusual) and also gritty and impatient (which CAN be fun). There are some random aliens-of-the-past (that usually sets off my "Uh-oh" flag) and magical beings trying to invade from another dimension. Kind of a mish-mash, and people either love that or barely tolerate it.

I HAVE a Kindle, and you can definitely adjust the font on it. But I don't like the economics of the thing, and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Other than the rare free book (which I've downloaded but not read), the ebooks are priced right between the cost of (already overpriced) softcover books and hardcover. Which... you're kidding. How is that not completely highway robbery?

By and large, I am a heavy consumer of the library system. Books are free, I will read most of them only once, and with the "Hold" system I can easily reserve materials that are at any county library-- and they'll send them to my local library!

Those are all the conveniences I thought I was getting with Kindle (that, and reading fanfic without lugging a laptop around, but it doesn't do that well either). In reality, it was a waste of money.