The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Two days in a row-- shocking!

I listened to the soundtrack for Mishima at work today. The music makes me want to Code and Test All The Things. \o/ (As opposed to Machines of Loving Grace, where I'd better just stick to Testing.) :0 Phillip Glass is not my favorite composer (I'm not a big fan of minimalism), but the smaller form of short (2-5 minute) pieces somehow ignited pure genius from him. The soundtrack has a great combination of strings, bells, gongs, synthesizer, and tympani-as-taiko-drum. One of the few cases where I like all the music for a given movie.

SO... hoping not to get voted out of LJ Idol this week. We're losing the bottom 4, and I'm close to being one of them! *bites nails* See my story on this post, with a link to the list of all entries and the poll.

I'm also preparing to go out of town this weekend, to visit my sister in Idaho (mentioned in an LJ Idol story a few weeks back). My B-I-L will be there for his bi-monthly visit, and will help guide things along. No idea how that will go, but I would certainly regret not doing it.

Meanwhile, I'm behind in reading my f-list, and behind in reading, period. I've got three books going, one almost finished, the second going slower than I'd like, and the third... might get abandoned. I hate to admit this, but bedtime reading is getting more challenging now that I need glasses for anything below medium-sized print. Since it's a fall-asleep activity, I also need books small enough that I can see all of both pages at once. Let's not get into how the NY Times crossword is going. I probably need an eye exam, since it's been years. I know I'm not going to like the result. :0

Tomorrow: more Mishima, checking in bunches of code (please), starting new code, and finishing All The Documents. *hopes*

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