The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

*Falls back onto planet*

Wow. I went into an LJ Idol spiral of finishing six entries (one of them a surprise late prompt), and then trying to read 180 of them for voting, followed by writing a new prompt. I haven't read my f-list since June 14th.

That means I've missed a ton of birthdays, and I'm sorry. For those of you who still check in to LJ these days, birthday greetings to weesta (can't believe you were still winding up the school year on your birthday), _sin_attract, deadbeat_nymph, tuesdaeschild, pkoceres, and drayke_. That's a lot of June babies! Hope you were all loved and feted well. :)

Let's see... my daughter just went off to summer camp. I'm in charge of posting up her Instagram photos while she's gone, and she left lengthy instructions. The "tutoring" was funny. I think she's always assumed I'm kidding when I say that I hate Apple and how their products work, but after witnessing the actuality of "Where did that other app go? What do you mean, use the "Home" key? Stop hiding the tasks from me! OMG, show me all tasks all the time!" while using her iPhone, I think the truth might have finally dawned.

We're catching up on the end of S4 Fringe, and I've been through the wringer on aching for Lincoln Lee, actually feeling sorry for some universe's Nina Sharp, being unsure I like where the current situation is heading, and having random "Easy Bake Oven Walter!" thoughts. There were parts of Ep. 4.20's writing and acting that were really well-crafted and moving. *sigh*

We also watched Disney's The Princess And The Frog. It really surprised us. The color and visuals in the voodoo production-number were gorgeous, the movie spent a good 40% - 50% with animal characters rather than people (which they haven't done in years), and the ballad was sung by a random character rather than a lead and was wistful instead of dreck. Who knew?

And finally... about 4 weeks ago, I noticed we hadn't gotten a new Wired in ages. Since February, to be exact. Tried to hunt this down through the magazine's offices, where they have no record of us (probably subscribed via a third party), and I finally put together the likely how/why. Everyone in our house reads that magazine, and it usually comes while I'm at work, in its plastic mailing sleeve. I can envision all three other household members ripping off the sleeve and recycling it and the envelope inside it, never even noticing words like, "Renewal Notice Enclosed" or "Last Issue!" printed on that envelope, in their haste to read the actual magazine. Yeah.

So, any big news to tell?


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