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Pimp: For those of you who were Real LJ Idol contestants in this (current) 8th season, you're eligible to vote in this round. rejeneration, maerhys, locknkey, impoetry, muchtooarrogant, nodressrehersal, karmasoup, if you're around, the voting details are here. I'm madly trying to read through the entries myself, to get my votes in tomorrow.

Father's Day was low-key, but nice. We hoped to go to a movie, but apparently everyone else had the same idea and the theater was out of seats. :( Frozen yogurt instead, and Chinese takeout later for dinner, so it was still good.

Biking: One whole side of my right glove started to separate a few weeks ago, and split last week. I've sewed it, but also ordered two pairs of new Bellwether gloves. I don't understand why it's so hard to find what I need in a glove: padding all down the inside of the thumb, and all across the bottom of the palm. Those are the nerve pressure-points that road-biking handlebars stress. So WHY do so many manufacturers hardly pad, or pad for weightlifting and not cycling, or just pad one of the two necessary places? Only Bellwether consistently has a clue, and I have to special-order them. Hope the pads on these new ones are as thick as they look.

Re: Hugo from a few weeks back, didn't critics pan the visuals on it? I know much of it is dark, but I really like how the steam from trains, or clouds and moon, work in that pallette. And the early silent movie snippets? The schemes in those were outrageously creative. I was somewhat distracted, though, by how much the little boy actor in the movie looks like Maggie Gyllenhaal. As in, practically a mini-Me.

Re: other movies, tsuki_no_bara just linked me to this announcement on Dreamworks to make "The True Meaning Of Smekday". Yayyy! I'd probably like it better if Pixar were making it, but I'll take what I can get. LOVE that book. I do wish they'd cast voice actors for these things, though, and not celebs. These movies are animated. The celebs' faces do not appear. The leading character is an 11-year-old African American girl, so why not use an actual child for the voice lead (there is no shortage of younger African American girls who could do a great job with that). And J Lo? Any person who can do funny voices would be good, there. The Simpsons' stable has plenty of them. Think nasal, slightly robotic, and clueless. That's my mental target for J Lo's voice. :D

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