The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Another day...

... another bee sting in the armpit. WHY do they lurk there? Jeez, I even avoid the overly flowery-smelling antiperspirants because I'm just that paranoid now. Stop hitching rides on that part of my bike jersey!

Something else I would like have go away are the recurring episodes of fever and 'blippy' inner ears. Both the fever and blippiness keep me awake at night. This last episode hit on Friday night, so I was not as coherent this weekend as I'd planned. Most of Saturday was like an ADD attack—couldn't finish a thought, kept flitting from one half-started thing to the next. The dizziness is no fun either, especially while exercising. I honestly think this might be a new phase in immune-system response for me. For decades, I would periodically get a sore throat and swollen lymph glands, which usually went away with some extra sleep... followed by everyone else around me getting sick. In the past year, that seems to have shifted to getting fevers instead, but avoiding the larger illness. Sadly, this method is a lot more annoying than the previous one!

We finished watching The Walking Dead, S2 this weekend. The finale made me want to smack half of the characters. Rick: all explanations of the 'Shane showdown' should begin with, "Shane lured me out to the forest alone in the dark and tried to kill me." I know you feel guilty and angry and conflicted, but the heart of it was simple self-defense. Lori: Stop judging Rick. This was all your fault for giving Shane false hope (because you know how he is). Also, your son is being an idiot and needs closer supervision. You let him sneak off, and then you scream in hysterics over "OMG, where's my son?!?" What, you don't learn? Carl: See above. You're a pesky little snot, now. Carol: For the love of god, stop being such a freakin' victim! Especially if you're going to follow it up with the judging of everyone else.

On the flip side, the last two episodes were the first time this season I did NOT want to smack Andrea. I always liked Glen and Maggie, but it was interesting to see how they balanced each other under stress—her passion made her emotionally volatile, while his steadiness made him strong. Daryl's brother was a complete pig, but (zombie ear-collection and Lord Of The Flies campground aside), Daryl himself shows promise and integrity. Jimmy still seemed like he came out of nowhere, and I'm still not entirely sure who he was, so he was little-mourned. I liked Hershel, I LOVED Dale, and Shane frustrated the hell out of me. I don't know whether losing Dale was more of a "This show only needs one wise old man" kind of thing, or (as HalfshellHusband said) that the show killed both its angel and its devil in short succession. Regardless, I'll miss Dale. *sniffle*

All right, must get something accomplished on those five (FIVE) Real LJ Idol stories. I have a rough draft of one, a start to another, ideas for a third, and I'm still vague on what to do about the last two except to marry them together. -ish.

We're also catching up on Fringe, so there could be blather about that in a few weeks. And possibly an offhand rant regarding How To Train Your Dragon...

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