The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Posting while I can...

Because I have five (FIIIIVE) prompts to write for LJ Idol in the next two weeks, so I know what I'll be doing later this evening. And it had better not be running around the room screaming "AAAAAHHHHHH!"

We had a health scare with The Whale last week, which was a complete surprise. He's our 8-year-old ginormous bruiser of a cat, who didn't come in to eat two days running and had to be dragged out from one of his hiding places. Really stuffed up nose, lethargy, no eating or drinking... the vet had very dire predictions last Wednesday, and took tests for all the non-vaccinatable diseases. But after a rehydration shot and some good wet food, he started to look better. The vet decided it looked like a liver infection, so The Whale got antiobiotics. He started to perk up immediately, and by Friday was doing much better. Whew.

Weatherwise, Spring continues its usual schizophrenic arc. I went biking on Friday but wasn't able to get out early, so I had to cut the ride 5 miles short and lurk in the shade awhile before biking the remaining 2 miles home. The temp got to be near 100, and with the intense sun in Sacramento it's just too much. I had on the neck soaker and poured water in and on myself, but still... couldn't make the full distance. Whereas yesterday, it was around 61 all day and rained. Whee. And then today was the third variety—epic winds! It's funny how you can run the circuit between three different flavors of unbikeable weather almost all Spring long here.

Tags: cycling, my_cats

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