The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Where does the time go?

I never got around to posting after the weekend, much like I never got around to visiting a plant nursery or doing any touch-up painting either. :0

I lost a few pounds last week, and regained them by the time the weekend was over (anniversary celebration dinner, and BBQ at B-I-L's house). But I also went for my first run in three weeks on Monday, and just being down a few pounds (at the time) cut out much of the struggle I've had with running in the last 5-6 weeks. It was also cooler, and that was really nice!

I biked on Sunday (reversed the running & biking days), because on 3-day weekends Sunday is the best of the bad days to be on the bike path. SO overcrowded—the number of people standing, wandering, etc. ON the path just gets nervewracking. God, but people are stupid.

Recently, I went on my amnesia-route near the office. Not enough South wind, so it was too much work. But on the way there, I passed a runoff stream with a big egret, two smaller egrets, and (randomly) a squadron of male mallards. What was the story there? The Mallard-Mafia? Pay up, or we'll evict you from this stream! Later on that ride, I pass the farm with small horses. Can't tell if they're Shetland ponies or miniature horses, but they're cute. Last week's ride along one of the main roads, a blackbird dogged me for about a quarter mile, chirping at me. What was THAT about?

Near home, I've been down to the lower part of the bike path twice in the last month. The first time, there were turtles lined up on a log in one of the runoff sloughs. Nothing the second time, though there's an egret hanging out right on the path's shoulder these days. I swear, those birds' curiosity overwhelms their sense.

Movies we have seen: It's Complicated, in which Alec Baldwin is delightfully naughty and impulsive and Meryl Streep is lovely, but her character's setup is painfully precious. As in, mockworthy. Also The Lovely Bones, which was excellent and very sad but not as devastating as I'd feared. Some of the visuals in the parts representing Limbo are just gorgeous—surrealistic and unexpected. Good performances, painfully unfair circumstances.

All right, it's bedtime. Tomorrow, I'll probably post up the LJ Idol entry I rejected in favor of the "real" entry. And try, by god, to conquer this evil piece of software coding that has plagued me for a month now. Hint: it's inherited from a coworker, and it's both convoluted and poorly suited to the hardware we're using right now. I asked him to help with the corner cases, and his review was, "This could be greatly simplified. Why so complicated?" o_O Dude... this is YOUR code. I'm just updating it.

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