The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

It R The Weekend

Some pictures of Christopher's Hermes costume (ignore the closed eyes):

I'd hoped to put the wings on the sandals farther back, but there was no heel strap. He had the only real toga of any of the Greek Gods, and he was asked to wear a t-shirt during the play because the bare chest made people uncomfortable. What? With the girl in short-shorts? Please tell me it's not because people are still stuck on thinking he's a girl. Well, no chance of that after a couple more years.

I stumbled onto this list of 35 Best Animal Photobombs last week. I still love the classic original squirrel, and the seal in the penguin beach photo, and the descriptions are fun. But I think my favorite is the one titled, "Probably Overreacting Dog" (probably? There's room for doubt?), which has and needs no other description. :0

Yesterday, I was thinking it would be nice to collect examples of media hype vs. reality. As in,

Media Hype: Showering with a friend is fun! And sexy!
Reality: The friend is usually of the 8-legged variety, and often also dead. :0

Got any of your own?

Tags: humor, me, my_kids, recs-humor
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