The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

And here I meant to post this on Friday...

At Christopher's school Open House on Thursday, I saw this hedgehog t-shirt, and went looking for it online. It's from Snorg T's, and they also have this other hedgehog T. Barb and Cindy, are you taking notes?

Snorg T's has a lot of humorous geek-based shirts (including ones about the declining number of planets, an issue I'll never let go of). They also have a Honey Badger Don't Care shirt, which finally caused me to Google that phrase and find this video. That's what nature videos need! Regular videos always have this detached voiceover such as, "The mouse makes a favorite meal for the honey badger," when the viewer is thinking Ewwwwww!. We need someone willing to say, "What's it eating, a mouse? Ugh, that's disgusting!" And you can't deny the enthusiasm of narration that says, "The honey badger smacks the shit out of that snake!" It does! Damn, that thing is fearless. I wound up spending various parts of the weekend looking up other videos by the same guy, as you do.

Saturday night, HalfshellHusband and I went to see The Raven. I thought they did a pretty good job making a mystery movie out of Poe's material, and I love John Cusack. On the downside, this was another of those historical-era movies where people sound so excruciatingly modern that you're constantly distracted by it. The police inspector doing his Clint Eastwood impersonation was particularly annoying.

Sunday, Lauren made me Lite French Toast for breakfast, and the rest of the family went outside to do some gardening chores for me. That was Lauren's idea, and I had mixed feelings about it-- our traditional Mother's Day approach is to do a family activity (a fun activity) together. But we picnicked along the parkway later and went for a short hike, and then went out to see The Hunger Games (finally). That was fun! I got nothing much done this weekend, but it was very nice.

Christopher and I did find some sandals for his Hermes costume, and a likely bedsheet, so I'll be working on that during the coming week and weekend.

I also worked on my LJ Idol story for the prompt, Once upon a time. I started with a non-fiction piece on my Dad and his tall tales, but it seemed a little flat, so I switched to a more traditional fairytale type of thing (which I swore I wasn't going to write). Yay \o?

I hope you all had a nice weekend, one way or another (especially hard for those who have lost their mothers, I know). Only two more weeks until a 3-day weekend in the U.S.! And I, for one, could use it. :0

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