The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Oh, LJ, you comment-eating PoS...

Or is it just the one entry with the Clown poll? Because it looks as if LJ has screwed up the basic poll-display too...

So, the weekend. Lots of time on the Real LJ Idol entry, but I also looked for a new battery-operated alarm clock (nada), went for a run (still overheating and not making my distance), fixed a pair of Christopher's pants (SewingPile-1), and got weeding/pruning done but STILL haven't planted my tomatoes.

Christopher's "lung" project: HalfshellHusband bought regular air-drying clay for this, but it's so heavy and brittle that the lungs separated from the middle piece as soon as you picked it up. Oh noes! HSH then got some lightweight stretchy clay and some mesh, and Lauren took a stab at Lungs 2.0 last night. Not good—her final product left the back exposed, with its mess of toothpicks, mesh, and glue-gun blorps. I was up late fixing it, and then just before leaving this morning I saw that someone had taken a knife and cut into it and revealed more mesh and mess. It looked like crap again! Whee. 15 more minutes to fix that, plus a new "DO NOT TOUCH!" sign for it.

What's sad is that this is for a science project on cancer, and the teacher wants "extras" such as this stupid crafts project and some Powerpoint slides—in 7th grade. Since Christopher can't draw at all, he must have decided clay would be easier. Hah! Also, his original lungs looked like a pair of kidneys.

On the random good news front, HSH went in today for a cortisone injection for his hip, and the orthopedist asked if he wanted a new hip. This is a year after the same guy decided, based on an x-ray alone, that the hip was a "6 of 10" and didn't qualify for replacement—the hip that hurts all the time, and has really cut into HSH's quality of life and ability to sleep. Maybe the doctor just needed some distance from his original bad decision? Or to take some time to realize that the hip was bone-on-bone (as it has been for over 5 years)? Gah. Well, still—at least we can move forward. \o/

Fellow Idolers, has anyone heard anything from Dan lately? He's been offline awhile, and I don't think I've seen a post since his aunt passed away...

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