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I really struggled with my LJ Idol story this weekend. The prompt was, In Your Wheelhouse, and I started both a non-fiction entry on orchestra playing and a fictional story about a cyclist. On Saturday, I began a third entry on music appreciation that covered a Led Zeppelin song and would have eventually discussed Shostakovich and Prokofiev. Then on Sunday, I scrapped all but the first two paragraphs of the first story and went with that one. I might finish and post the bicycle one later, if it's willing to conclude.

One thing I finally realized is that it's only my fiction entries that tend toward brevity. The non-fiction stuff keeps trying to detour into unfocused detail. I threw away 630 words about violin playing that were ultimately tangential to my larger story, and there were other anecdotes or ideas I left out just because the story was pretty darn long already. Gah!

In between all that, my parents decided to visit on Friday and part of Saturday. This may be their last trip down here, as we kids are worried about their driving. Around age 70, my mother (who used to be a great driver) started tailgaiting and being distracted. My Dad doesn't like her driving, but he doesn't see that he now drives exactly like she does. Interestingly enough, the reverse is also true...

Sunday, I did quite a bit of yardwork but still haven't planted my cherry tomatoes. I weeded and cleaned up a few more areas, including pruning one of my favorite plant that has now (I think) become infested with scale. If only the Internet would show me pictures of scale instead of endlessly describing it!

And last night, our pocket door into the kitchen fell out of its track. I'm pretty sure The Whale is largely responsible, since he likes to ram the door when he wants out of the kitchen. HalfshellHusband spent some frustrated time researching a fix, but it looks like a job for the contractor. Who cannot come for another two weeks...

So, has Spring sprung where you are? And if so, has it run away again to hide, or is it loud and proud?

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