The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

The IRS is laid to rest...

Finally finished the taxes, and just took the hit on the $90 from the mystery stock sale. I Googled this mess yesterday, and found some other people who'd gotten "how-tos" on figuring out the cost-basis of the multiple splits/spinoffs... both of them had reached my decision from last week: sell all the stock except for the original parent company, just to forgo more future "weirding." *sigh*

Leftover Spring Break memories: Driving along the coast on the way to the San Francisco Zoo, I spotted a "soaring" bird that looked like a 3D kite (so windy, it wasn't really moving). There was also a sign that, via tampering or ancietude, said "PEOPLE HAVE OWNED HERE". Not the drowning warning the city had in mind, I'm sure.

Lauren's iPhone parking app helped us find good parking in Chinatown, but other apps led us to questionable eateries near the hotel. As a parent, I worry about her map-reading abilities. She got frustrated when I kept asking her to zoom out of the map so that I could orient us, but after muliple false directions affecting HalfshellHusband's arthritic hip, I was not satisfied with her directions! I worry, because her father cannot read maps. He calls it Geographic Dyslexia, which is essentially true. He cannot navigate from a visual basis. I'd hate to see Lauren inherit that. :(

Other news: We've started watching The Walking Dead. We're undecided on it, because neither of us likes zombies and we hate gore. But others of similar bents have liked the suspense. Regarding Torrenting other (unnamed) shows: does anyone know why everything has suddenly gone over to mp4-format downloads? I want my AVI files, damnit!

I'm slowly reading this week's LJ Idol entries, and still really hating LJ's new scissor graphic on the lj-cut. I tried the standard workaround, but for my style it just superimposes the scissors and dots BEHIND my cut-text, and doesn't restore the parens. FREE DRABBLE of your choice to anyone who can successfully tell me how to get around that stupid thing in a way that works with my journal layout (hint: it's an older layout). \o/

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