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13 April 2012 @ 12:04 pm
What I Wrote In January, February, and March  
Yes, I'm getting farther and farther behind on my LJ "Housekeeping"... *twiddles thumbs*

Supernatural Slash:
Where The Wind Meets Time (Sam/Dean, R) - silverbullets story on "Lazy Days".
A Cinnamon Siren Song (Sam/Dean drabble, PG-13) - Winchester-style breakfast in bed.

Chuck, Burn Notice, The Hunger Games, Dexter, The Avengers: 42-word ficlets - Some comment_fic fun with a variety of fandoms. Try them!
Raising Hope: Crush Capitulation (Sabrina, Drabble, PG) - Jimmy's changed. Maybe Sabrina has, too.
Burn Notice: Why Not Romance? (Sam, Drabble, PG) - Hey, a guy can dream…
Fringe: Unblinking (S4Olivia/S4Lincoln Drabble, PG) - For the Fringe Division, new possibilities always exist.
A Day Made Of Glass (TV Commercial): The Walls Are Watching - No matter where Rebecca went, there was always the unsettling feeling of being noticed.
Die Hard 4 Slash: Drive - (John/Matt pre-slash drabble, PG) - On the way to something big...
Die Hard 4 Slash: Blue (John/Matt drabble, PG) - Nameless longings are no less painful.

Real LJ Idol Entries:
Week 9: Magnetic South - Counterintuitive
Week 10: Bitter Bargains Against Time - Sticks and stones
Week 11: The Grace In Letting Go - Open Topic
Week 12: The K-Tel Wordmaster - Some assembly required (Beverage Alerttm for crack)
Week 14: In The Clouds - Twitterpated
Week 15: Vigilance - Preoccupied
Week 16: Another Ride On The Merry-Go-Round - Reinventing the wheel
Week 17: Radio Days - Bringing a knife to a gun fight.
Week 18: The Happiest Place On Earth - Take inspiration from a current LJ Idoler.
Week 19: Brutus - Et tu, Brute?
Week 20: Time It Was, And What A Time It Was - Open Topic