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13 April 2012 @ 11:28 am
Happy Friday The 13th!  
I don't believe in superstition, and I think 13 is an awesome number (Dave Twardzik's old number, as I recall), and I'm always happy to see Friday arrive! So, let's par-tay, whether in honor of that or the fact that it's karmasoup's birthday. Rock on!

My parents may or may not be coming tomorrow, and staying overnight. If don't see or hear from them around noon tomorrow, we'll know for sure. Somehow, "We'll let you know when we see how it's going" (i.e., whether they were too sick to make the trip) tends to become, "Oh, we decided to wait" OR "We'll be at your place in an hour." No way of knowing which until we hear from them or they show up at the door. *sigh*

I'm hoping they delay a week, so I can beat back the chaos in the house. We've either been busy or gone, so the clutter-tide is rising. I still haven't finished my taxes yet, since I can't figure out what to do about the random stock sale and cost/loss basis. I might just take it all as profit—it's $90. It's too hard to unsnarl the past 19 years of stock-split/forking-off-new-company/selling-new-company to designate a purchase-price for those shares. But for the future, I think I DO need to sell that "problem" stock, and also to stop reinvesting dividends, since that just complicates things down the road. :(

We finished S2 of Justified. I loved Margo Martindale as Mags Bennet—I've had a weak spot for her since The Riches. As for Raylan, well... he's being a complete idiot, regarding romance. No spoilers, just the facts: when someone doesn't appear to even like you, and doesen't treat you well, don't take up with them. Especially more than once. Yeesh!

Any plans for the weekend (besides taxes)? We'll have sunny weather, after a week of rain, so I'm hoping to do some yardwork and other tidying. Not exciting, but satisfying.

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cindy: spn - dean facepalm (by mixedbatch)tsuki_no_bara on April 13th, 2012 08:48 pm (UTC)
i don't think raylan makes a single smart relationship decision in all three seasons. i'd say it's part of his charm but i don't like winona - she was just such an idiot in s2 - so i'm not sure how charming it is that he just cannot let go of her. and isn't mags fabulous? i was so bummed they killed her off but i thought it was a fitting end for her.

oy, your parents. how can you plan for their arrival if you don't even know if they're arriving?
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphorshalfshellvenus on April 13th, 2012 09:11 pm (UTC)
i'd say it's part of his charm but i don't like winona - she was just such an idiot in s2
Not only that, she seemed to be a total jerk. She never had a nice thing to say to him, she just used him and expected him to do what she wanted. She made shotgun-crazy Ava look like a saint.

Mags was just wonderful. She sure isn't what you expect in a crime lord, is she? If only she'd had smarter sons...

how can you plan for their arrival if you don't even know if they're arriving?
You wind up planning in case they show up, which is to say, doing the cleaning early and being at home on Saturday morning. But that's all I'm willing to do. My brother once stayed home from a family trip to the coast in case they were coming (and they did-- to my house), even as I kept telling him to leave. My thinking is that if they came and he wasn't home, that would teach them to communicate their plans better.

I'm all about the Tough Love with my Dad. If he wants to act like a four-year-old who thinks the world revolves around him, well... I'm going to deal with him the same way I'd deal with a four-year-old. It saves my sanity, and he shapes up at least for awhile after that... :0