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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Happy belated whatever!

We finished our Spring Break vacation on Saturday, and I got so bogged down in writing my LJ Idol entry Sunday/Monday that I didn't even realize I had an extra day. I'm always fairly incommunicado on the weekends, and it came back to bite me a little there!

Let's see. We went to the San Francisco Zoo on our last day in the city. Very windy, but it's a beautiful zoo. The habitat areas are large (some shared by multiple species, when they don't antagonize each other). The closed-off African habitat area marked as being for mating ostriches actually had some creepy little old man birds in it. If Ichabod Crane were a bird, he'd look like these things—upright but hunched over, and deeply weird. I think they were Marabou Storks, but with whiter plumage. There were also several rescue animals—a couple of blind sea lions, some one-winged pelicans—and some painfully cute koalas and squirrel monkeys.

Friday, we drove to Santa Cruz. It was sunny, and the beach was nice. Christopher was a pill all day (pestering his sister, talking nonstop in general), but he had a great time there. He played in the sand and waves, and found a chunky sea star (still possibly alive, so we had him throw it back into the ocean for another chance). Lauren found two unbroken sand dollars—including one the size of a quarter. This is not what I'm used to—the surf in Oregon is so rough that seashells are half-pulverized!

Saturday was even more beautful. The kids spent most of the day at the Boardwalk, and then Christopher wanted back on the beach. He found a tiny crab, and then put it back in the water too.

Easter was nice, except for the discovery that all our dyed eggs were undercooked, and therefore inedible. :(

Now I'm back at the work grind again. I do want to give a shout-out to Matt Bomer on tonight's Glee (the first episode I've watched in ages). His "class" for the Glee students on career choices and acting was gloriously wrong—some of the best writing I've seen on the show since Season 1. That segment is probably up on YouTube already. Raising Hope proved again that it loves to mock itself via satire. Tonight, I also learned about Shark Melons, and a fictional (?) breakfast dish called eggs and octopuses (like this, except on top of an egg on an english muffin). Wow.

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