The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Some 42-word Ficlets (Random-Fandom)

I've missed writing fanfic, and found myself haunting the comment_fic meme yesterday. The theme was 42-word ficlets, which I've never done before. Shorter than drabbles, longer than 6-word fics. Have some random!

Chuck, any, hiding in plain sight

Casey takes pride in his work—all work—so let's be clear: you will not outsell him in Beastmasters or outgun him in kills.

No, it's not for the commission or the glory.

If you have to ask, you just wouldn't understand.

Burn Notice, Sam (+Any), "Chuck Finley says"

Sam knows cons and coercion, and how to work the charm, but Chuck Finley wrote the book: be the environment, sell it like you mean it, and convince people they want to help you.

After that, the rest takes care of itself.

The Hunger Games, Katniss/Cinna, separation

Cinna never said he cared, but his actions showed it.

He called Katniss weekly, helped fabricate her fashion "talents" while reminding her that he, too, remembered the truth of her ordeal.

They spoke carefully—anyone might be listening.

Still, it always helped.

Dexter, author's choice, the one that got away

Maria still loved Angel, but it wasn't enough.

For the right opportunity, she would shed her loyalties like she'd forgotten everything but the sound of her own name.

Angel deserved better. She was almost glad he was smart enough to know it.

The Avengers (60's TV Series), Emma Peel, Dress for Success

Emma loved elegant clothes, and valued catsuits for their simple practicality.

But she adored the outrageous-looking getups—Mod patterns, psychedelic colors, bouffant hairdos. People noticed the packaging, not her pointed questions.

Still, the same problem remained: where, exactly, to hide the Berretta?

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