The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

From the couch of perpetual snores...

... seriously, these cats never shut up. :0

So, yesterday went downhill shortly after I posted. I struggled to get some information for our hardware team, and then it was back to bed. I lost the whole day to fever and dizziness, and missed my chance to bike on the first sunny day in a week. But I felt better late in the day. I read some LJ Idol entries, and I went in search of Justified slash. Ahem.

So, this was a surprise (put down the torches and pitchforks, and stop reaching for the "defriend" option)... I found a community for the above, but about half of it was devoted to Tim/Raylan slash. My first thought was, Wait, not the actor, right? and then, Or is Tim a character on the show? Because 'Tim' turned out to be the bland-looking guy who always makes me think, "Huh. So, I guess he's still around." The character does have a personality, but he kind of looks like nothing to me, so I'd completely forgotten about him. But I don't feel so bad, because HalfshellHusband didn't know who he was, either. Rachel, Art, Bo, Arlo—yes. 'Tim,' no.

I also woolgathered about shows and movies, and my favorite characters in them (and a fic meme about that from ages ago). Often my favorite character is what you might call "The Crank": Walter on Fringe, Fin on L&O:SVU, Sam on Burn Notice, Mozzie on White Collar. There are also a lot of other shows, including Justified where the main character is kind of a crank, and thus my favorite (House, Iron Man, Dean on Supernatural). I must love snark and cantankerousness far too much. :0

I did get our Spring Break motels booked over the weekend. San Francisco is excruciatingly expensive, and the daily parking charge is highway robbery. But it is what it is. Not unlike the harangue that's going to come in the city itself, as I try to balance Lauren's interests (shopping) with the entire rest of the family's (museums, zoo, not shopping). Yurg.

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