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I'm scurrying to Read All The Things for LJ Idol (votes due a day early), and haven't made any progress on finishing my taxes or actually booking motels for Spring Break. :(

However, I did make it to a plant nursery this weekend, and discovered that early March isn't an especially good time for that. But we got a flowering (purple) magnolia tree and a replacement rose-tree out of it, and some blueberry bushes. So, not a total loss.

I finished Mockingjay (the final Hunger Games book) on Saturday. I was sad about where some of that final story-arc went, but not because those were bad choices on the author's part. I also finished The Finer Points Of Sausage Dogs (funnier than the first in that series, I think. Professor Dr von Igelfeld's obtuseness is more gloriously aggressive in the middle book).

We went to Christopher's basketball game on Sunday, which his team narrowly lost. Here's what I don't understand. When he was younger, we had to talk him down from being overly competitive, because he was alienating other kids. Now, he'll mope about his team losing but he's not really doing all he can to help them win. Far from it—you have to peptalk him into playing with any sort of fire at all. I don't get it. He has far more talent than he shows in games (the shooting thing is awful—he's a star in practice, and chokes in competition). I've talked to him several times about how much you can change the game just by sheer effort—blocks, rebounds, steals, defense, opportunity—and while he understands that, he typically doesn't enact it.

Boy. I didn't have half his talent when I played, but I put everything I had into it. Dave Twardzik was my hero, proof positive that modest talent and extreme effort can often trump superhuman ability.

How did this kid who was such a fierce player when he was younger become such a noodle? It's the lack of trying that gets me, and he goes nuts at lunchtime b-ball but then fades into the background during rec-league play. *headdesk*

We're catching up on Once Upon A Time, at least as far as 1) Belle was an Aussie? and 2) Mary Margaret is a tramp? Which is to say, still 2-3 episodes behind. Nitpick: the show puts so much effort into the art and sets, and yet slips up on continuity such as having a princess ask, "Are you okay?" Ouch.

All right, time to make lunch and go to bed. Must finish off the remaining LJ Idol entries tomorrow. Still on page 3, but I see the end in sight...

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