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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

My Real LJ Idol entry is scraping the bottom of the votes thus far. That's never good. *bites nails*

Last week's visit to the doctor re: the too-low thyroid went about as expected. He phone-conferenced in an endrocrinologist, who likes the lower dose because of the lab numbers (new thinking in the last year or so). I spent fifteen minutes trying to get two professionals to understand that I was complaining about a cluster of five different low-thyroid symptoms occurring after the last dosage change, and that my other habits were constant. They kept chasing individual symptoms and discrediting them, which was maddening—ten or more years of these habits, and the result suddenly changes, and you can't process the correlation? Argh.

I see now that my G.P. is under huge pressure to satisfy the other doctor and the HMO watchdogs. He asked me to try his treatment (antihistamines and more of the lotion I was already using) for the hives, because he couldn't tie the hives to low thyroid. I can: sensitive skin that becomes epically dry is not going to be happy. I realized tonight that the hives may be a side-effect instead of how I'm treating the dry skin caused by the low thyroid. I.e., my skin may not be enjoying all the lotion I'm slathering on. Whee. I gave his treatment a week (so, a solid month now of the itchiness and hives), and he said the actual thyroid dose would be at my discretion (i.e., don't tell him). So, I'm going back to the prior dose. Unfortunately, it'll take another 2-3 weeks for that to go into effect, so more hives+itching until then. Ugh.

Meanwhile, I've gained a few pounds in 2012 instead of losing them before my sister's wedding (two weeks away). Lauren's Nutella is killing me. I swore I'd never have that in the house, and now our ridiculously picky eater is surrounding me with trigger foods. :(

Books: I'm reading The Borrower, which is about a librarian who finds herself hiding a runaway boy. The boy's parents are trying to "ungay" him (the kid is only ten!), and generally squelch his personality. I love the kid in this story, and the librarian's dry wit, and touches like the Choose Your Own Fiasco chapter.

Other potentials in my vast backlog: the first two No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency novels, a Stephanie Plum mystery (but I'm missing the one before it), The Bards of Bone Plain, Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers, Oreo, a novel set in Antarctica, The Other Wes Moore, and Little Bee.

Something I didn't expect from Real LJ Idol is that I'd spend so much time either writing entries or reading OTHER people's entries (for voting). I'm not getting much fanfic written these days, or reading much. If only I could cram more of the above booklist into lightweight paperbacks to read at the gym... I really envy Christopher—yesterday was a teacher work day, and he burned through two books and started two more. Why haven't I won the lottery, so I can spend all day reading? *grumble*

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