The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Double-random plus TV stuffage.

I had a dream last night where tsuki_no_bara and I were exploring the upstairs of a house where we were roomies. We went up seven sets of stairs, past a room filled with rat poison (which smelled like carpet glue/earwax/beetles), up a ladder, and into the attic: low, angled ceilings, nooks and crannies with a few beds rammed into awkward and lonely places, pervading heat, and a 3D stench of that rat-poison smell. I thought it seemed toxic and miserable, but Cindy and few other people wanted to move up there. Okaaaay, then.

At work, I have some cheese-filled Pepper Jack crackers for snack emergencies. The idea sounds great, but they taste evil. I've now quantified the evil: raw potato with an afterburn of red pepper flakes. Why would you make something that tastes like that?

I got Christmas things put away over the 3-day weekend (including all the outside lights). No outside biking, thanks to excess wind (Sunday) and cold (Monday). I watched more S1 House, M.D. while biking in the garage: last week was Joe Morton as a Senator (my love for Joe Morton is immeasurable). This week was the "Little Mermaid" episode that I always think is going to end differently than it does. Third time through at least, and I still assume the same wrong thing.

We've introduced the kids to S1 of Chuck. God, I love Season One. Chuck was so adorable, Sarah so sweet, and Casey really was a stud back then. I don't like the recent seasons as well, and it seems like there's too much Morgan, but apparently, there always was. I was just too in love with the show to notice. Morgan is like George Costanza on the Seinfeld Show: the Nebbish character's presence needs to stay below a certain ratio for me, or I just get too annoyed.

We finished watching S2 of Reaper on DVD. The kids now mourn its cancellation as much as the grownups do. Such snappy writing, such creativity, and what a cast! It's funny, I always liked Sam/Andi and figured things would work out for them, but who I really shipped was Ben/Demon Nina. They were each attracted to each other for their sweetness, and I really liked that. Sock/Anybody, OTOH, was my anti-ship. I loved Sock's funniness, but the man was a complete pig when it came to women...

Christopher had a great time at Outdoor School last week, and Lauren survived her finals. We need to have a discussion about her math grades vs. Mock Trial, though. Nobody's looking forward to that.

How was everyone's weekend, apart from the surprise snow a few of you got? :0

Tags: me, random, tv, weird dreams fall out of my head

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