The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

What I Wrote in October, November, and December

Yes, this IS record-keeping toward one of those end-of-the-year Fic Memes. We'll see how far that second part goes, but this is at least step one.

Stories below include the last four I posted up, because all of those were written in December, but had to be hidden for sooper-sekrit Yuletide purposes. I also bunched all of the Real LJ Idol stuff into its own section. I'm slow, but I'm organized once I get there!

Supernatural Gen:
Angels And Anklosauruses (Castiel, Balthazar, Crack, PG) - The Lord moves in mysterious ways, some more than others…
Co-Conspirators - Bobby & Rufus three-sentence ficlet.

Supernatural Slash:
Like Old Times (Sam/Dean, Drabble, PG) - Some things, you never outgrow...
Mistletoe - Bobby/Crowley three-sentence ficlet.

Prison Break Slash:
Ordinary Riches - Michael/Lincoln three-sentence ficlet.

Burn Notice: Casual Catastrophes (Sam, Michael, Gen, Humor) - For a couple of guys who pull off major operations, a little downtime ought to be a piece of cake. Right?
Luther: Each The Other Man (Mark, John, Gen, PG) - John loved Zoe first and Mark loved her last, and only the two of them really knew what the other had lost.
New Amsterdam: In Infinite Regress (John, Omar, Corey, PG) - With immortality comes an endless cycle of loss.
Dexter: Someday, The Future (Lumen, Dexter, S5, PG) - Lumen thought she'd find light outside the darkness, but only finds shades of gray.
A Day Made Of Glass (TV Commercial): In Endless Pursuit - There are no secrets in the world of glass.
Wonderfalls: Ride A Painted Pony - three-sentence ficlet, featuring Jaye.
Die Hard 4: Drive - John/Matt three-sentence ficlet.

Real LJ Idol Entries:
Week 1: Only The Light Of The Sun - Nonfiction on When you pray, move your feet...
Week 2: You Are Here - Original Fiction on Three Little Words.
Week 4: But Enough About You - Original Fiction on Narcisissm.
Week 5: Infinity - Nonfiction on Inconceivable.
Week 6: A Kingdom Of Forest Or Field - Nonfiction on Food Memory.
Week 7: Like I Was Sayin' - Original Fiction on Bupkis.
Week 8: Sleigh Bells, Schmay Bells - Nonfiction on A Traveling Travesty.

Tags: monthly_fic_list

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