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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Three-Sentence Meme Results, 2011

Just to collect these in one place, and not annoy people on my f-list...

Wonderfalls, Jaye, "Ride A Painted Pony" (for comment_fic):
A giftshop probably wasn't the best place to work, if you had Jaye's particular problem, but she was still surprised when a keychain eagle suddenly began badgering her again and again with the same cryptic message: "Ride a painted pony."

There was usually no context for the things the animals told her, so she couldn't even assume the obvious, and what was that even supposed to mean, anyway?

She stewed over it all morning (even after putting the keychain under a box in the storeroom), only to step outside on her lunch break and spy a multicolored cruiser-bike parked in front of the fountain, taunting her with its tacky conspicuousness and just waiting for her to steal it and transport herself to her own (surely embarrassing) doom.

Supernatural, Bobby&Rufus, "Partners" for celtic_forest:

If friends knew where the bodies were buried, old friends were the ones that helped you dig the graves.

"I swear to God, this is the last time, Rufus," Bobby said.

"Last time was supposed to be end of it, until you brought me that reanimated trucker, which made it your turn all over again," Rufus answered, "so shut the hell up and keep digging."

Supernatural, Bobby/Crowley, "Mistletoe" for heliokleia:

"You've already gotten all you're getting from me, so don't look at me like that."

"Why not, when there's a perfectly good excuse dangling overhead," Crowley said, "and it's a tradition even you can respect?"

"All right, just this once, but don't take anything," Bobby said, thinking of souls and secret contracts while never admitting that he might just as easily be referring to the illusion that only Crowley was tempted by the current opportunity.

Prison Break, Michael/Lincoln, "Payback" for etherealflaim:
Ordinary Riches
Utah, with its stash of Westmoreland's money, was supposed to be their salvation; now Lincoln and Michael are digging through a tract home basement along with the rest of the breakout crew, each of whom piled in piecemeal to grab his share of a treasure that quite possibly doesn't exist.

God, what a mess, Michael thinks, glancing over at Lincoln for reassurance or maybe just a fresh idea. The smile he finds waiting for him brings home the truth: they're free, and if they come out of this penniless they still come out together, and that's the only future that really counts.

Die Hard 4, John/Matt, "Car" for jasmasson:

It feels like he's been awake for a week, but John keeps driving—they've got a psycho to stop, and time's running out fast.

The kid sits next to him, all tousled hair and big eyes, probably wondering what John and the situation itself will ask of him.

John doesn't know either, but he knows things will probably get worse before they get better, and yet he still can't help but smile: the fact that the kid's here is more than anyone could have asked for, and as far as John's concerned that means they're already ahead of the game.

Prison Break, Michael/Lincoln, "Blanket" for clair_de_lune (2012):


With Westmoreland's end-of-the-rainbow riches waiting in Utah, Michael found it hard not to rush through the distance—the steps—in between.

He and Lincoln drove day and night to get there, sleeping in turns until they just couldn't take it anymore. Finally, they pulled off the highway and found a field to stretch out in, settling in under a blanket big enough for the two of them and warm enough to keep the night at bay.

Tags: die hard 4, ml_slash, my_fic, random-fandom, rufus, sn_gen, sn_slash

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