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Happy New Year!

I hope you and yours have been enjoying the holidays (and having some time off), and that the coming year is good for all of us. \o/

So, now that I'm behind on posting (AGAIN), here's a recap of my holidays.

Christmas was great, other than HalfshellHusband being incredibly sick with the cold that everyone got before or after him. It went straight to his lungs on the second day (Christmas), at pneumonia-level strength, but got better within a few days. Always nerve-wracking (his lungs are very susceptible).

I got hit with a maddening rash shortly before Christmas. By the time I figured out the cause, it was Christmas Eve, and my doctor was on vacation. The rash is happening because my doctor's persistent lowering of my thyroid meds has finally hit an intolerable level. I have oily skin, and have never needed to moisterize. Now, it's so dry that I'm getting rashes all over my trunk, and the itching is so bad it even wakes me up at night. I've switched to Caress soap, I'm slathering on lotion and hydrocortisone cream (ugh), and the itching is less, but... raising my thyroid is the only thing that will fix this.

It's so aggravating. The medical profession is on some kick about "new, safer levels of thyroid," and is fixating on lab tests instead of how the patient feels. I'd warned the doctor about weight gain and some hair loss, but I never saw the whole rash thing coming. However, I now know why I had to raise my anti-depressant dose this Fall... My mother's going through the same thing, and her lowered thyroid dose makes her slightly deaf. Fun! Here's hoping my doctor unbends a little after reading my email. :(

The kids have had two weeks off, and Christopher spent most of them in his footy-jammies. I got the little kitchen area painted (rabbit-destruction fallout), sold some things on Craigslist before Xmas, and have cleaned up here and there. And did some unplanned relaxing...

We finally watched Iron Man 2 on DVD. Not as good or as much fun as the first, and I still hate the recasting of Rhodey. Plus, it needed more robots.

HSH and I saw the second Sherlock Holmes movie on Friday. Slashy as all get-out (though I loved Holmes' disguises-- the worse, the better). Was there this much slow-motion work in the first movie? The scenes of "predicted outcome" followed by real outcome made the movie repetetive, and in the epic escape scene the slow-mo seemed like (dare I say it?)filler. Fun overall, but the movie could easily have been half an hour shorter. Also, there was desecration against hedgehogs.

I haven't checked into LJ much over the break. Instead, I've been Writing All The Things. So many great Yuletide prompts, and I still have several that caught my eye. I've finished and posted four, and I have another I'm working on. Hardly anybody reads them, but it feels good to get ideas out and try new characters.

Oh, and tomorrow? The freakin' Rose Bowl is only being shown on ESPN. Sacrilege! I planned my whole day around watching it, and now look. :( Let's hope the Ducks can finally pull off a win.

So, good holidays? Any good New Year's Resolutions?

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