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And weeks later...

I didn't go out shopping on Black Friday, though I shopped online. Tons of DVD deals, including a 5- (FIVE) disc Director's Cut of Bladerunner. It's still just the one movie, right?

Other than that, I've done virtually no shopping (especially for Lauren. Her list is small, but contains things that aren't currently being sold. Reasonable things, even). Last Monday, my husband had some kind of epiphany and realized that I've been buying gifts for his family all this time, and that it's truly stressful trying to find gifts for people who don't need anything. Twenty+ years later, but I'm truly grateful he now sees that the "present-fairy" is me. He took the task on himself, and after just a few days is now highly motivated to broach the idea of not exchanging gifts among the grownups. We were there once, but his sisters started creeping back into doing gifts. On my family's side, I just do one sister and (if inspiration strikes) my parents. It's still too much!

I got about 1/3 of the outside Xmas lights up last weekend. We do a big display, so it's a huge chore, and it always starts with hours of cleaning up leaves (they fall really late in Sacramento). My annual question returns: Dear lights, why do you die inside your boxes when you're NOT being used?

This weekend: Bar Mitzvah most of Saturday, getting the Christmast tree on Sunday, and recovering from the minor gum-transplant surgery I'm having tomorrow. I like to imagine that I'll also finish the outside Xmas lights. Hah!

comment_fic inspired some random writing yesterday: a 3-sentence ficlet for Wonderfalls, and seven 6-word stories (mainly for fandoms or pairings I don't actually write). I really enjoyed that. I'm having such a hard time writing fanfic these days (poking along almost word-by-word), so that made for a really nice change.

Tonight's bonus (or whatever) Grimm proves once again that Haywire is just adorable in this series. Never thought I'd be saying that! And my Portland nostalgia just grows and grows...

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