The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
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There was this time, with the thing...

Voting is open for Week 4 of The Real LJ Idol. My fic entry is here, and if you like it you can vote for me (halfway down the group here). Your support is always appreciated!

At the office where I work, all of us software people develop code on remote Linux machines, which means we need a client tool to get access. Some guy sent out a blastogram today that said, "I'm tired of Tool B locking up! How do I get it to stop sucking?" About 50% of the answers (including mine) could have been summarized as, "I decided Tool B was evil, and I'm using Tool A (again) instead." I tried Tool B for awhile (an IT guy here kept going on about it), but I noticed no difference whatsoever until Tool B hung my machine and forced a reboot. Game over. :(

Yesterday at the gym, I picked up a copy of Men's Health that featured Orlando Bloom. I never made it to his article because I ratholed down one on Idris Elba instead. Whoo! Here's an opportunity for a rant on Why doesn't the Universe serve ME better? I've noticed a lot of Thor/Loki slash around, and though I haven't seen the movie, I would totally read that if Elba had been cast as Thor instead of as Heimdall. *fans self*

Sue Sylvester's smear ads in last night's Glee were genius-- I'm waiting for them to go up on YouTube. Mercedes is still my favorite singer on that show. I'm sorry that Quinn is becoming a self-entitled b**** again. Raising Hope reminded me how long it's been since they really highlighted Maw-Maw's antics. Chloris Leachman, and the things her character gets up to when she's unsupervised, are my favorite part of that show. \o/

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