The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Groovin' up slowly...

I took a pass on this week's Real LJ Idol topic. With a prompt like "coprolite" (fossilized dinosaur dung), my first reaction was to use that as a metaphor (not a slight abstraction, as rejeneration so brilliantly did, but an actual metaphor). Since most of the writers/voters interpret the prompts literally, that probably wouldn't have been a good idea, and I haven't been doing that well in the voting. Do not comment with things like, "I could write 1000 words on fossilized dinosaur crap in my sleep," or I will have to kill you-- even if it's true.

Stuff what happened this weekend: On Saturday, Christopher's soccer team had their first win this season. Only 2 games left, thank goodness- this age group's games last way too long, and it's getting coooold outside. Then I returned to my project of Sorting All The Littlest Pet Shop Things, to see which sets were complete enough to sell (which means, searching for Internet images for those 2007 sets. Yikes). That continued into Sunday, where boxes had to be brought in from the garage to see what pieces my daughter had intermixed with Polly Pocket and Barbie stuff.

Sunday, my parents visited. I don't know why they bother to ask when to come over, because my Dad usually does what he wants anyway. We said 10am, and between forgetting about the time-change and my Dad being himself, they arrived at 8:30. My alarm went off at 8:40. At least my husband was up...

The rest of the day was spent landlocked in our house, but we did some good visiting and I got through most of the LPS stuff. I even started in on the Bionicles "bin," which was created by my son and his friend during a playdate when they were four and decided to dump all the sets together. Yes, we'd forgotten to lock the storage room. The payback from that is still happening, 8 years later...

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