The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Hoo, boy-- I'm riding close to the bottom of my group in Real LJ Idol voting. I'd hate to leave this early. There are several really strong entries in my group, but there are also several "meh" ones that have as many or more votes as mine. *sadface* *is nervous*

My parents are visiting on Sunday, AND it may rain this weekend, which really makes me wish I'd done some yardwork last Sunday instead of beginning the monumental task of sorting subsets (yes, only subsets) of the kids' toys. Now the playroom looks like a tornado hit it, and... actually, parts of the yard do, too.

I read a copy of Runner's Magazine at the gym today. There was a big article on "form," and runners who tried improving it. The conclusion was, "It'll either be Yay, or you might start getting injured." So, I guess I'm sticking with my method of Run in the least weird way possible.

One guy mentioned switching over to those freaky shoes that look like gorilla feet. He previously had plantar fasciitus, but felt the shoes helped. Hey, I've had that condition-- and it's exactly why those shoes scare me. Maybe if I weren't such a heelstriker...

So, got big plans for the weekend? Those in the Northeast, has some of that surprise snow melted off yet, or are you still digging out?

Tags: me, running

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