The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

The weather is a'changing...

Clearly, the air has suddenly gotten drier. Today, after getting ready for my bike ride (sunblock on the skin and everything), I entered a restroom stall only to have the hairs on my arm stand up and try to get friendly with the plastic wall. Eeeee!

The ride itself was a little chilly, much windier than the 0-3mph promised by my usual Internet weather site, and a good reminder that I need to switch over to the glasses with the biiiig frames that block more wind. Either that, or I was far more sentimental about that ride than I'd realized.

Votes for my Real LJ Idol story thus far are on the low side. Looking at the other stories and votes so far, it's clear I don't know my "voting audience" in terms of the other contestants. I wonder if it would change how I write, though. Or if that would even be a good thing. Maybe just personally anti-process? This week's story, for instance, wanted to be in second-person POV. That's perhaps one of 2-4 things I've ever written in second-person, but I decided to trust it, which was either wise or stubborn.

That Bank Of The Black Sheep book used that POV in an interesting way. In the first few chapters, when the amnesiac main character was still coming to grips with his situation, the book was in second-person. As he started to assert more control over his day-to-day choices, the book migrated into first-person. The shift reflected the change in his mental state well.

All other writing has been slow, lately. I have a few things I'd like to finish before Nov. 8, and some reviews due for Amazon.The results have been of the cattle-prod-meets-dead-horse variety, but I still have hope. And I'm doing wrisomifu for focus? Encouragement? To share the pain? One of those things...

So, writing today's blog entry took at least ten minutes. Does that count?

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