The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

29 hours until trick-or-treating...

I can't believe it's the 30th, and I haven't used this icon yet! Better get cracking. :0

We have final Halloween touches to do at home: pumpkins (possibly carved, more likely a Magic Marker job), finishing off costume details (i.e., weather-preparedness layers), and buying a huge bag of non-chocolate candy (that will survive until tomorrow night).

Christopher's costume is a Greek/Spartan warrior thing. It was hard finding something for him, because he needs a boys' XL size for height reasons, and hardly anyone sells those. He didn't like the werewolf costume we found at Spirit, or any of the evil-scary-black-robe-thingies, and the adult men's costumes are one-size-fits-huge. He was able to fit into a Large "Perseus" costume (warrior breastplate-vest and shin/arm plates), so we went with that. Lauren ordered a costume weeks ago, but has now realized that she and a close friend are just too tall to trick-or-treat (they're both 5'10 now). I feel bad for her, but I was aiming for 13 as the final year, so this worked out perfectly.

In not-fun news, Christopher wiped out while biking to soccer practice on Thursday, and got pretty scraped up. His arm had a three-inch raw spot, and there was a smaller but deeper one on his knee (the others were fairly shallow). Poor kid-- it was hard just to look at those. I read up on wound care yesterday, and changed tactics, and they're healing better. He has basketball starting on Monday and soccer continues, so that'll be a challenge.

We watched the premier of Grimm, which made me homesick for Oregon all over again. Just the green-tinted light does it to me. I thought Haywire did a good job, and hope he gets to remain the comic relief sidekick. OTOH, the "book of monsters" reminded me too much of John Winchester's journal, and although I think "bloodbath" is probably an accurate name for werewolves, I don't really see a need to rename the species. Still, Portland!

All right-- time to head to Goodwill and find the "extras" to keep Christopher warm on Halloween...

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