The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

What I Wrote in June, July, August, and September

Yes, things have actually been SO SLOW that I haven't done one of these in ages, and it still isn't very big. Boy, but it was a lousy summer for writing. I got nothing done on my vacation, and then there were the kids' birthdays and that whole issue in August that locked me up for so long.

So, um, this is it. And it's still twelve days late. Boy, I suck. :(

But on the plus side, I also finished off three challenge tables during this period, some of which I started ages ago: tentinyfandoms, 5_prompts, and schmoop_bingo. That was a win!

Supernatural Gen:
On The Run (PG) (S5, Drabble): What they ran from didn't even have a name...
Gone (PG) (Pre-Series, Drabble) - Take your brother and run…

Supernatural Slash:
After Midnight (PG-13) (Sam/Dean, Drabble)- Words were always easier in the dark.

Prison Break Gen/Other:
The Specter Of Salvation (PG) (Mahone, Drabble) - Michael was the adversary of a lifetime.

Prison Break Slash:
The Blackest Heart (PG-13) (Michael/Lincoln Drabble) - There were things Lincoln wasn't supposed to see…

Burn Notice: Covert Conspiracies (PG) - It's one thing to suspect, but still another to actually know...
White Collar: All For You (PG) (Gen, Humor)- Enemies, co-conspirators, friends of friends… sometimes, the lines got blurred.
White Collar: More From The Marvelous Mozziepedia (PG) (Gen, sequel to above or standalone) - Once again, Peter turns to Mozzie for help.
White Collar: A Soft Place To Land (PG) (Gen Neal & Mozzie H/C) - True friends are always there to help.
Chuck: Digital Manipulation (PG-13) (one-sided Chuck/Casey) - Nothing escapes Casey's notice...
Iron Man: Natural Affinity (PG) (Tony/Rhodey Slash) - Rhodey's attempts to act casual were only fooling himself.

Tags: monthly_fic_list

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