The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Birthday spammage!

I've missed a few already this month, and I'd better get these others in before I become late. Fellow Librans, gather 'round:

Happy belated brthday to memphis86, huggenkiss, and dawnstarrising! I know you're not around much these days, but I hope things are going well for you all. :D

Happy early birthday to embroiderama and desertport! I'm so glad I got to spend time with you both at Wincon last year, and I hope the coming year brings you all good things. Let there be cake!


So, thanks to LJ's major death spiral last week, you were spared some of my random blathering on whatever that would have been. But not my crack-fic. ;)

We finally finished Community, Season 2. That last disc had more creative and bizarre ideas than you could shake a stick at. I liked the two-part finale (mostly, the stylish homage to Western movies and TV shows), and I liked the "Chang-baby" anecdotes (the babies started to sound like their own species). But most of all, I liked "Paradigms of Human Memory" (with all of the retconning). An entire episode devoted to things over the past year that we never saw and that never happened! Except that now, they did. ;)

We also crept through a few more eps of Supernatural, Season 6. "Frontierland"—ouch. (All I need to say, really). Just finished 6x21 last night, and I'm not particularly happy with Dean's behavior there. Reminds me of S2 and S3 of Smallville, with Clark's rejection of Lex just pushing him farther and farther in the wrong direction. The one person that could have saved him became all self-righteous and ruined everything. Plus, it's frustrating to watch. :(

Bookwise, I finished One Of Our Thursdays Is Missing, which was a lot of fun. Each book in the series seems to evolve into a wholly unexpected creative direction. I'm almost done with My Favorite Band Does Not Exist (the ending isn't looking so good), and am halfway through The Bank Of The Black Sheep. I don't know why I picked that last one up from the library (because it was set in Wales?), but I'm enjoying it. A man wakes up with amnesia in a hospital, and discovers that he's under arrest, has terminal lung cancer, and apparently was a private detective. And he might have bribed a doctor to give him enough morphine to wipe his memory. Well! It's all a journey of discovery after that. :D

Fellow f-listies going to Wincon: have a wonderful time, enjoy the city and each other, and someone—anyone—please have some Bananas Foster and a Hurricane for me. Not at the same time, obvs. \o/

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