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I just discovered that Wikipedia has an entry for weasel words, which is a phrase I thought _I_ made up over a decade ago. But they're using it differently. My version referred to phrasing in which you talk around something and clearly imply what it is without identifying it by name. (Believe it or not, this was work-related). As in, you want to publish a standards-based document, but your text refers to another, pending standards-based document. So your document can't be published until the other one is. I tried using the Power of Weasel Wordstm to get around that, by saying "any standards-based method which does XYZ." It didn't fly, though, and we had to wait another 8-12 months. Good Interesting times...

We're catching up on S6 of Supernatural , in which Balthazar takes up where the Trickster left off, a bunch of people are randomly killed for no good reason in 6x16 (including one of my faves!), and the writers run amok with breaking down the 4th wall and writing home-grown fanfic AUs. Summary: The actor playing Balthazar really does look like Odo (HalfshellHusband's contribution), and I wish the WB would stop casting pretty-people who can't act the part. The "Mother Of All" should not sound like a teenager at the mall, We don't seem to see this with the male actors, but the only yowza men the show has brought in are Gordon, Hendriksen, and Castiel.

On the music front, Christopher mentioned a few weeks back that Achilles' Last Stand is now his favorite Led Zeppelin song. I decided to listen, and see why he liked it so much, and now I can't stop. Incredible drum work, fascinating guitar sounds and rhythms, and I hear the precursor to Black Sabbath's War Pigs in one particular section. Really, that whole album ("Presence") is only becoming more interesting to me. I love the langorous sadness of Tea For One and the bluesyness of Royal Orleans.

Oh, here's something random: I caught a really early episode of Law and Order the other night, with the original cast. Chris Noth practically looked like a baby (and his character was all "youse" and such, which got dropped later). Richard Brooks' character was much snappier, and Michael Moriarty's much less wimpy and self-righteous. All of this time, I've been frustrated that the show wasted Brooks by writing his character so blandly, and now I'm wondering if that changed over time-- perhaps to keep him from overshadowing Moriarty, whom Dick Wolf had some ridiculous fanboy thing about? If you haven't seen Brooks in 84 Charlie Mopic, I recommend it. Still one of my favorite Vietnam movies, very different from all the rest.

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