The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Catching up with the tube...

New TV shows are starting up this week, but we're still finishing off older stuff because that is how we ROLL.

We finally saw episodes 9 and 10 of Game Of Thrones last week. Oh, show—you made me suffer through your gratuitous exploitation of women and excessive gore (raw goat-heart eating, for the love of god), and this is how you repay me? I know the show is bound to the book's storyline, but still—I want to grump. :(

I adore Raising Hope, and the S1 finale was fantastic. If the show hadn't gotten renewed, you couldn't have asked for a better final episode than that. So many surprising revelations about the characters' pasts (especially Jimmy), and so many pieces that tied into the show's premise. It was fantastic.

The grownups tried out Leverage and enjoyed it (Aldis Hodge's character really shines). We also watched Raising Arizona with the kids on Sunday. That is by far my favorite Coen Brothers' movie, and I still think it's one of Nicholas Cage's best too.

I'm mainlining S6 of Supernatural, but probably won't finish before Friday. I'm glad I didn't watch those eps real-time, given the whole robo-Sam quagmire. I may wind up recording S7 and watching that on delay too. We'll see.

And Chuck? We're 4-5 episodes from finishing last season, and honestly didn't expect it to get renewed. Probably would have sped things up if we'd realized!

Finally... we saw the premiere of Ringer, and that's one hour we'll never get back again. I have a soft spot for Sarah Michelle Geller, but that was truly terrible. Well, at least it'll keep us from getting quite as overloaded when the prime time season hits full swing...

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