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I had trouble getting to sleep last night, followed by dreams where Craig Ferguson and Matthew Perry (Friends)were having an affair—or posturing an affair for media consumption. Good lord. I don't even like Matthew Perry! Must be those mankissing vids I was watching at youtube before bedtime. :0

I did get farther along in Twilight Watch, one of the many books I'm reading right now. I've hit an interesting part, where I'm hoping Anton will be forced to confront the concept of gray areas. He already knows one Dark Other (Edgar) who is not terribly dark (I find Edgar adorable), and has a former friend who became a vampire and whose feelings he regularly hurts by assuming the guy is now 100% evil. Plus, Anton's boss clearly is not entirely good. Now Anton has encountered a powerful witch who long ago chose to abdicate the whole concept of choosing sides. *rubs hands together in glee*

Other books I'm reading:
  • Under The Banner of Heaven (Jon Krakauer's book on the history of the Mormon church and the many current offshoot cults that claim to follow its "true" path). Krakauer is one of the few non-fiction authors I enjoy—I loved both "Into the Wild" and "Into Thin Air."

  • Torquai, which is a mystery novel involving stuffed animals. No, I don't know why the author chose that gimmick. It's the third in a series, too! But kind of fun. I've almost finished it.

  • One Of Our Thursdays Is Missing, by Jasper Fforde. I've barely started this one (Christopher got first crack at it), and it's due in a few days, AND the hold-queue at the library is probably massive. *panics* I really want to finish this one, or I won't see it again for months!

  • For Amazon VINEs, My Favorite Band Does Not Exist. I'm only a few chapters in, but this proved too heavy to hold while working out at the gym. Where will I fit this one in? :(

  • In TV news, we finished Dexter S5. I have mixed feelings about it. There were great performances in this season, especially Julia Stiles and Julie Carpenter (Debra Morgan). While Debra's inability to form a sentence without cursing like a sailor (and her bedroom habits) get on my nerves, she is a consumate cop and has such a strong (secretly tender) heart. I love the complexity of her. For Dexter, we've seen hints that he is not the sociopath his adoptive father thought him to be. He can't stand the suffering of the women on the videotapes, and he's boggled by evidence of pure evil. At the same time, he's out of touch with the emotions he has.

    My negatives for this season were that I didn't like Rita being brushed aside so easily in Dexter's feelings, and I didn't like the idea of Dexter finding an accomplice in Lumen. I can understand Lumen's desire for revenge, but his ritualistic weirdness should have been too much for her. It recalls for me the premise of the "Silence Of The Lambs" sequel and why that was doomed aborning: "Dear Clarice, let's go be murdering cannibals together!" Uh, no.

    One bright spot this past weekend was the new Allstate Mayhem Raccoon Commercial. I love the whole series, but the more absurd ones are my favorites: the jilted teenage-girl-Mayhem who randomly mows down cars in a parking lot after being betrayed by her BFF Becky, or the 'perfect Douglas fir Christmas Tree'-Mayhem, who gets rolled up in netting and tied to the roof of a car. The new one, with "I've already had, like, four babies in here" is pure genius. Raccoon-Mayhem doesn't know how many babies he's had? Gah—the only thing worse than baby raccoons in an attic is dead baby raccoons in an attic. Followed by vermin chewing through the wiring and the roof. \o/ Blind-Spot Mayhem was less funny, but new Mayhem ads are always welcome.

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