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Coming out of the fog...

Both kids' birthdays are past, which means I can see daylight ahead. Between our family vacation, camping, and the kids' birthdays, I tend to disappear for most of late-July through August every year. I've been lurking here off and on, struggling to write (i.e, to finish a couple of stories and just get anything out), watching movies, etc.

We saw Burn After Reading a few weeks back, which apparently was the Coen Brothers' version of Pulp Fiction. I didn't hate it as much as the other, but it wasn't especially clever or fun. Because we went to a live movie last night, and there was a trailer for The Descendants, I find myself already predisposed to see that simply because it features George Clooney in something other than a Coen Bros.' film.

Our date-night movie was One Day, which we generally enjoyed. Ann Hathaway really suited both the hopelessly geeky and sleekly beautiful aspects of her character, and the film's young man was charming.

Our family movie was Gnomeo and Juliet, which was surprisingly fun. I thought the story might have boxed itself too far into the setup of the original play, but it all worked. With movies like that, it's the details that really sell it—the lawnmower races, the monster-truck-like Terrafirminator, the little stone yard bunnies, the chips and missing paint from the various gnomes.

We also watched Terminator: Salvation last weekend, which was much better than I expected. I even found myself tearing up at the end! Loved the pathos.

Fanficwise, what with various writing frustrations, I've found myself veering back into some Slash from the Past: Star Trek Enterprise Tucker/Reed stories. I've rediscovered Kylie Lee's marvelous Acceptable Risk series, which is incredibly hot, passionate, and makes outstanding use of show canon. Now if only I could find the story where Tucker & Reed are stranded on an alien planet and Trip is blind...

What, pray tell, is up with all of you? And can you help me get my writing going again? Thoughts? Suggestions?

ETA: I was a little disappointed that the voice of Gnomeo's blue leader was Maggie Smith and not the actress I'd expected. I like Maggie Smith, but the blue leader looks almost exactly like this woman. See the eyes? They're a match!

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