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Writing Meme and May's Fic Roundup

Gacked from poisontaster (who gacked from others) for the Meme part.

What is your alias?

Why did you choose it?
Other people have painted me with this alter-ego for years. It's the hair, which was much longer at one time. The color and type are similar to the Botticelli Venus in my icon.

What fandoms do you write for?
Like you don't know. Prison Break and Supernatural. Occasionally other things on a drabble challenge or a crossover, apparently.

What fandom did you start in?
I started reading Kirk/Spock slash way back in the early 90's. Progressed through some other Star Trek slash, and of course the Mulder/Krycek detour. montmorency broke the brothercest barrier with her Hector/Paris works (based on the movie "Troy"), and this is where the trouble started. ;) The first fanfic I wrote was for Prison Break, though-- beginning last September.

What is your deepest, darkest fic-writing secret?
Ummmm. ?? Writing brothercest isn't a secret if everyone knows it. Many know the other "secrets"-- I'm not a fan of any kind of domination/submission sex, and "Het" tends to squick me out unless it's from the female perspective (so I typically don't read or write it. No issues with other people doing either/both, though). Not a fan of "multiple-groupings" either.

Do you have any quirks/habits in your writing?
*Sigh* How many times did I use ellipses (...) or dashes already in this meme? But I choose them for the pace and flow of my stories-- basically, whatever punctuation or breaking/combining of sentences makes that work. I'm also a grammar fiend, and tend to use a whopping vocabulary, which is not always friendly to my readers who don't have English as their first language. *Sorry* I love words. I love their flavors, and the subtle distinctions between their meanings. I chose the words I use carefully, and I'll admit that I hate repetition (so you may find multiple alternatives for the same word/theme running through my stories). My style tends to be rather poetic, probably because of the word-love and pace/flow-love. Some find that soothing/rich/image-laden. Others probably feel like they're slogging through mud. ETA, I can't believe I forgot these: alliteration and echoing of similar words toward a unifying theme.

Do you have any fanfiction pet peeves?
Yes. *LOL* Out-of-character writing. "Illiterate" writing (poor grammar, tense confusion, spelling mistakes, what-have-you). Mary Sues in all their forms (including when a real character in the fandom is used as a Mary Sue). And I have to admit, using phrases/words that are wrong for the fandom (i.e., overwhelmingly this is Briticisms used in writing fanfiction for American shows such as X-Files or House or Prison Break or Supernatural) throws me right out of the piece and mood as I'm reading. It spoils the story for me-- it breaks the characterization and the flow apart completely. Basically, my suspension of disbelief crashes and burns right there. God, I'm such a crank.

Do you have any fanfiction loves? (I added this one)
I am quite the sucker for a good humorFic. CrackFic (if it's funny) really gets to me too. And "Language Porn" (beautiful uses of language that appeals to the mind, eyes and ears) is a favorite as well.

Do you have an OTP?
Yes-- two. Lincoln/Michael for Prison Break and Sam/Dean for Supernatural. Like this is news to anyone. ;)

If you could get someone to write a fic for you right now, what would it be?
:D So many to choose from. Okay, I want winterlive to write that thing we talked about 5-6 months ago that I'm not allowed to mention (it's J-squared). I want la_folle_allure to write some more Supernatural Gen (*cough* Remember those partial fics you cruelly dangled over a month ago?). I want quincykat to write more of her fanfic100 Prison Break Gen Stuff. Anything-- please! When poisontaster and maygra write stuff, it's all good for me-- except I have a backlog of Maygra's multi-part works (I need a ficlet or two-- short! Plz?). I need Prison Break kid!Fic from clex_monkie89 and mooyoo. God, I don't ask for much, do I? :0

SUPERNATURAL (I wrote tons of this last month, some of my best SN work to date)
Footprints Swept Away In The Wind (PG-13)-- Wincest based on the Five Senses. These are 5 first times.

Space Invasion (PG-13)-- Wincest, Snarky all-dialogue fic.

The Flow Of Darkness (3-chapter Wincest) (R)-- Slightly AU. Dream-tinged first-time fic, water-themed.

Dreaming of Innocence (Three Hope-Tinged Wincest Drabbles) (PG-13)-- The lighter drabbles from the Drabble Meme below.

A Lack Of Certainty (R)-- The angsty, darker drabbles from the Drabble Meme below.

Turn and Return ("There and Back Again" drabbles) (PG)-- Supernatural Gen, 4 angsty drabbles.

Going, Going, Gone ("Exits" Drabbles) (PG)-- Gen. Three humorous drabbles and two angsty ones.

When All That's Left Is Denial ("Expectations" Drabbles) (PG)-- Gen. Sam, Dean and John POVs in 3 separate drabbles.

We Were Soldiers Once (PG)-- Gen. Modern ode to the Winchester brothers as warriors. Very powerful, language-driven work.

Always (Lincoln/Michael slash Chapter-fic that parallels canon)
  • Chapter 4: Nightmare Made Flesh-- (PG-13 for canon darkness)
  • Chapter 5: Reprieve-- (PG-13 for canon darkness)
  • Chapter 6: Contemplation-- (PG-13 for smutty allusions, for a change)

  • Solace-- Lincoln/Michael Slash (barely-- PG). Lincoln reflects on his life post-Escape vs. in Fox River

    Clothes Make The Man (NC-17)-- Lincoln/Michael slash, total PWP smut, with roughKink. "SweaterP0rn".

    Fatherless Child (PG)-- Gen, perspectives on Michael: If families were made and not born...

    Flown (PG)-- Gen, Westmoreland POV. What could have been and what changed it all.

    A Tapestry Of Music (PG)-- Gen, Haywire POV. Even from the beginning, he knew there was more to Michael than met the eye.

    OTHER Multi-fandom Drabbles-- Sam/Dean, 1 J-squared, Millenium/John Doe, John Doe, House, Prison Break

    Boy, that took forever! That'll teach me to write so much. :0
    Tags: monthly_fic_list

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