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Who: fhionnuiscetine, laser_radiation, and digitalwave! Happy Birthday to all three of you lovely ladies! \o/

You know, I've have days where two people on my f-list have the same birthday. But this is the first time it's hit three. :)

I hope all the U.S. folks had a lovely 4th of July yesterday. Ours was swelteringly hot (as usual), and finished with our annual trip to my brother's house for BBQ and fireworks. Neither of the kids participated in the neighborhood do-it-yourself parade this year, and I wasn't ready for it on time, so only Christopher and HSH went to watch the cute little kids and homemade floats and other stuff. I'm sad that I missed it.

Our temps have been stuck on 100o or so since last Tuesday, and I'm sick of them. I thought my Sunday morning ride started early enough to avoid getting worn out by the heat, but no. Same for my failed morning run yesterday. A coworker tells me that our late rains seem to be driving up the humidity, which may be why it feels hotter than it actually is. Makes me even sorrier for those of you in Texas/the Midwest/East Coast. :(

I can't bike into work tomorrow, for the same reasons as last week. 97+ degrees and a headwind on the way home is just not workable. Phooey.

OTOH, looks like Christopher and I can't hike to Loch Level Lakes this coming weekend, either. Too much (late season) snow there! He was supposed to be at summer camp right now, but the organizers panic-cancelled it a few weeks ago due to the possibility of it being snowed-out.

Sheesh. Too much summer at home, too much winter in the mountains. Good thing we're going to Oregon in a little over a week...

Tags: cycling, random

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